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Myanmar Computer Industry Association (MCIA) has been established with a vision to help develop ICT businesses in Myanmar. Myanmar Computer Industry Association (MCIA), Myanmar Computer Professionals Association (MCPA), and Myanmar Computer Enthusiast Association (MCEA), were formed on 17 May 1998 by Myanmar Computer Science Development Law (10/96) of the Government State Law and Order Restoration Council. Soon, Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) is also formed in 1998. Since the formation of MCIA, over 800 ICT businesses have joined the organization to cooperate towards the development of ICT sector in Myanmar. At state and region levels, Mandalay Region, Ayeyarwaddy Region, Sagain Region, Shan State, and Mon State Computer Industry Associations are also established accordingly. In accordance with the new constitution of Myanmar, Yangon Region Computer Industry Association (Yangon-MCIA) was officially formed on 3 December 2011. Sub-committees are formed and assigned to be able to perform duties and activities smoothly and conveniently. Yangon-MCIA represents most of ICT companies in Yangon Region which are more than 70% of the whole country.

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