Yangon Region Computer Industry Association

Committees of Yangon-MCIA

Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee (PRC) focuses on enhancing of the image, role and reputation of the association within ICT Industry, between associations, government agencies and the public. In order to obtain this goal, PRC is regularly conducting essential activities such as e-News Letters, Magazines, Seminars, Workshops, Panel discussions, Member Parties, e-Library, Government Call etc.

Member Development Committee

Member Development Committee (MDC) is responsible for receiving more members, creating member benefits and exchanging information within the association which consist of entrepreneurs and executives from different areas of ICT Industry. They may have different cultures and backgrounds, and may deploy different norms, so to unite activities of the association and to meet the deadline to gain positive impact, the effective communication is crucial.

Socio & Capacity Development Committee

Socio & Capacity Development Committee (SCDC) conducts crucial programs for individuals and organizations to obtain and improve their skills, knowledge and educational resources needed to accomplish their jobs successfully and to obtain a greater capacity (larger scale, larger impact, greater socio-economic development etc).


- To Organize ICT- related business owners within the Yangon Region.
- To strive toward goals, defined by the Myanmar Computer Science Development Law.
- To perform domestic, regional, and international activities, lead by MCIA for the development of ICT
business in Yangon Region.

Our Mission

- Fostering Regional ICT Business Community
- Enhancing Association Role in ICT Industry
- Supporting Human Capital for ICT Industry and Socio-Economic Development

Our Vision

- Empowering Yangon Digital Transformation by ICT Industry Collaboration

Upcoming Events

Updated News

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